Our Mission


civico Uno

Your day is drawing to a close, and you are itching to get outside. Close your eyes for a moment and imagine you are in a place where time slows down to almost a standstill: welcome to Civic1. Take a seat, read and be amazed.
Are you in the mood for a cocktail or a glass of wine? Want to quench your hunger with a tapas or satisfy your taste buds with our famous pan pizza?


Civico Uno

We have devised pathways where the “fluid” and the “solid” find their proper place by enhancing their peculiar characteristics and making a simple gesture, such as eating and drinking, a ‘rare experience. Everything we propose is the result of a long study among unusual flavors and pairings.

You just have to decide what you want to be pampered with. We will take care of creating your “journey.”

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To discover our cuisine and experience Civic One, reservations are recommended. We are waiting for you.